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Trusted, Competent and Experienced

More than 15 years of being trusted with the most precious and often painful moments of others has gifted me with insight and compassion.   This means just as much to me as the skills and wisdom gained earning a Masters of Divinity in Counselling and a Doctorate of Ministry to Marriage and Family.  

I am all about Family

Speaking of family, when I am not consulting or facilitating change in Coaching sessions, I am learning and growing in my most treasured roles as an imperfect yet loving husband, an unbelievably proud father and a transparent Worship Leader at Dayspring Christian Church in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Connecting is easy!

I have been offering virtual sessions to people for years and more and more people are finding it just as impactful as meeting face to face.  Although I am coaching on a smaller scale, it is still a fulfilling part of what I am created to do.  

If you're ready to connect for a consultation or a virtual session click here and I will see you soon.   

If you have more questions, feel free to send them to me in the box below.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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