A Genuine Apology Changes Everything

I had the opportunity to share this important message on the Expert Speaker Stage in Ottawa, Ontario on November 6, 2019.  Check it out and pass it on!

How To Be Porn-Free with Sathiya Sam

There are many perspectives out there about pornography yet it remains a topic that most don't talk about and many struggle to break free from.  Coach Drew discusses the ins and outs with Sathiya Sam.

How I Turned Anxiety Into Joy

This video shares a proud dad moment that moves me and my daughter from anxiety into joy!

Why I Am Still Alive

September is suicide awareness and prevention month, so it's fitting that I share my experience and what keeps me alive.

How to understand "Expectations"

Many of us find ourselves angry, irritable and resentful because our expectations are not being met.  This video highlights some key things to understand about our "expectations".  It features clips of a conversation that I had with my friend, Erica Elita, of What Matters on the TCN Network.  

How To Be Emotionally Free

Following up on last week's video, after labeling our emotions, it's time to connect them to events in the past that are still causing us issues in the present.  This video features this experience.

How to be free from Emotional Stuckness

Check out this great video.  It features clips from my conversation with Pastor Mike Sherbino on his show Transformation, highlighting the importance of understanding your emotions, questions to ask yourself and a strategy that I use to work through my own stuff, because we’ve all got stuff. Enjoy! 

A Gift to the Next Generation

Our experiences of healing from past wounds help us change generational patterns and become gifts to the next generation.  This video highlights two elements that set us up to effectively address both the past and the represent.  Enjoy!

How to be a Generational Game-Changer

Such an honour being interviewed by Brian Warren on the 700 Club Canada.  We talked about my personal experience of generational change and how The Art of A Genuine Apology (TAOAGA) is helping others do the same.  Enjoy!

How to make someone apologize to me

At first glance, it seems controlling and manipulative, thankfully, it is all about understanding ourselves and those we love.  Enjoy!

How feedback on our Apologies makes us grow

The 4th step of The Art of A Genuine Apology is the one that makes people gasp... "You mean, I gotta ask someone what they think of my apology?"  What this video to understand why.

3 Steps to Restore Your Relationship Credibility

Hurt happens.  Knowing how to address it is essential yet unfamiliar for too many.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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Building Intimacy: 4 ways to get the love you want

Check out my most recent video - it addresses the desire for greater intimacy.   These relationship principles are tried and true, from a relationship coach and psychotherapist.  Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Men's Mental Health Panel

Check out this great video!   I had the joy of speaking with 100 Huntley Street host, Greg Musselman, HGTV'S Paul LaFrance, and E3'S Brody Haight to talk about many issues facing men today!

The Art of A Genuine Apology on Your Story with Melinda

Melinda Estabrooks (Host of Your Story with Melinda and See Hear Love) is such an inspiring woman.  I love speaking with her.  I think you'll enjoy this interview too!

The Evolution of the Role of Men in Media

The Art of A Genuine Apology on 100 Huntley Street