Growing Through The Art of A Genuine Apology


Over an 8 week period, Registered Psychotherapist, Dr. Andrew L. Blackwood, aka "Coach Drew" will walk you through his book, The Art of A Genuine Apology with a keen focus on improving communication, confidence, addressing generational patterns, forgiveness and reconciliation.  Yes, it is jam-packed with meaningful engagement!

Whether you're proactively strengthening your relationship or seeking to shift an unwanted and unpleasant pattern this course is sure to make your relationship healthier!  

In addition to the initial 30 minute Consult this course features 8 live teaching sessions with Q&A (via Zoom) and each couple will receive a 60 minute Relationship Fulfillment Session at the end of the course.  Because of the live coaching dynamic, seating will be limited so reserve your spot by booking your Consultation Session today!

The Art of A Genuine Apology

Picture of the Book, The art of a Genuine Apology

The Art of a Genuine Apology is all about three things; Learning, Healing and Growing. It highlights where unhelpful and hurtful interactions start and describes how to address hurtful situations with confidence. 

Learn about what is missing from inadequate apologies, what is standing in the way of you offering a Genuine Apology and most importantly how to move forward differently.

It features stories to illustrate the content as well as questions and suggestions for you to reflect on as you go.  'The Art of A Genuine Apology' helps us to know ourselves deeply and be intentional about how we relate to others.

6 Keys to Effective Journaling - Pre-recorded Webinar


Begin Journaling Effectively Today!

The beauty of my online learning centre is having courses you can access any time of day or night.  If you're ready to take your journaling to a deeper level and experience changes in your ability to analyze your thoughts, then this on-demand webinar is for you. 

You will learn ways to increase consistency as well as how to identify both helpful and unhelpful phrases and thought patterns in order to impact change in your mood. 

I trust you you will benefit from using this technique.  Enjoy!

Living Life the Assertive Way

The ability to know and express one's self with clarity and confidence is what assertiveness is all about.  This course allows you to learn the skills and create a personalized plan to live life assertively.  Click here for more details and to enroll!

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