Learning keeps us Growing!


Growing through "TAOAGA"

The Art of A Genuine Apology (TAOAGA) has brought help and healing to so many of the people I've worked with.  Now making it's way into the libraries and consciousness of readers around the world.  It is now one of the workshops that I facilitate and will be one of the online courses that I launch in 2019.


Your work and personal life need growth!

 If you're looking for someone to help you tease a part some challenges within your organization (yes, emotional injury occurs within organizations too) or information on how to get your personal life to a place of strength and security then check out one of my upcoming webinars or host a live lunch n learn or an experiential workshop for smaller groups.  Contact me for details.


It's ok to move at your own pace.

If you're simply hoping to get your personal life to a greater place of balance and strength but you're not quite ready for counselling, please check out my online courses in 2019.  I believe it will be worth your while.