About me, Coach Drew

Coach & Registered Psychotherapist


I am Dr. Andrew L. Blackwood, R.P., but I am also known as Coach Drew, the Apology Guy.  I am a simple man trying to change the world by helping others have healthier relationships.  

  These days I am focused on getting the message of healing to as many people as I can through media and speaking engagements, but I continue to have the privilege of connecting with people as a highly qualified Coach and Registered Psychotherapist.  

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Speaker & Consultant


I suppose I have always been a speaker, but now more than ever I feel compelled to share the wealth of life-changing information that is typically kept behind sacred and professional walls.  

I have been told, "You have a way of communicating complex things quite simply and that people feel encouraged and challenged but not put down."  These words mean so much to me as I address topics that challenge us to look at ourselves and the issues we tend to avoid.  (Curious?  Read on.)

Educator & Facilitator


Teaching has always been a natural part of my work.  Whether I am telling stories, listing logical steps, drawing on white boards or laughing about my own mistakes, finding ways to convey some of life's most important messages is what I seek to do as a facilitator.

In fact, after seeing so many people struggle to work through their pain and fail at addressing the pain they've caused others, the tool I developed years ago is what my book, The Art of A Genuine Apology is based on. 

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The Art of A Genuine Apology

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Nexus & Serenity Publishing


In   August 2017 we published our first project, The   Art of  A Genuine  Apology written by Dr.  Andrew L. Blackwood.  We  are so very proud of the work itself, but  also of the impact it is having on it's readers  and listeners.