Inspiring And Empowering Words From An Impactful Motivational Speaker

My professional and personal experiences with anxiety and mental health allow me to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  I endeavour to bring clarity and hope to even the most complex situations in order to help people know and become their truest and best selves.

Compassionate Consultant And Coach

My caring and unique approach to mental health allows people to feel safe, strong, and significant while we address the challenges of life and the often confusing nuances of relationships we experience every day.


Professional Experience

More than 16 years as a faith-centred mental health professional allowed me to serve as a psychotherapist and family clinician for teens and parents in mental health agencies across the Greater Toronto Area.  

Prior to becoming a mental health professional, I worked with teens in custody (in jail, essentially).  This role emphasized the connections between unhealthy choices, failing mental health and the need for family support. 

My experiences also include, teen and parent counsellor, youth addictions counsellor, college & seminary counsellor and marriage and family therapist.

I had the honour of visiting peoples’ homes, their schools, their churches, and even courtrooms.  While I no longer serve in those roles, I am a uniquely qualified coach.  Whether in person, by phone or online, I have been supporting the healing of relationships in Canada, the United States, The Caribbean, Africa and England. 

All of these invaluable experiences lend to my current expression as The Healing Communication Coach and International Media Expert and Consultant.

Educational Background

My appreciation for music and its ability to heal and bring joy led me to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Music - Vocal Performance and Pedagogy was my concentration at Oakwood College (now University) in Huntsville, Alabama. 

As enjoyable as singing and travelling across the United States, Canada and a few beautiful Islands was, I didn't want a career in Classic Performance and Instruction and I had a desire to contribute to mainstream media, so I attended the National Institute of Broadcasting in Toronto, Canada.

Despite my sense of a calling to media, curiosity about the spiritual and psychological inner workings of people led me to pursue further education.  I devoted 4 years to learning at Tyndale Seminary, College and University where I earned a Master’s of Divinity in Counselling, while working at York Dentention Centre in the heart of downtown Toronto.

A couple of years after serving as a Mental Health Clinician in community I began my private practice.  Yet, my respect for several professors and the impact they had on me and others continued to inspire me.  So, as a committed learner I moved on to earn my Doctorate of Ministry to Marriage & Family from the Palmer School of Theology at Eastern University in Philadelphia, USA.


Signature Talks And Keynotes:

Listening With Love

  • Learn how to hear what really matters and convey value in every conversation

The Kind Of Conversation That Changes Everything 

  • Understand how to address emotional injury with care and competence

Care During Crises

  • Explore how to cultivate calm in times of change

The Ultimate Esteem Booster

  • Acquire the ability to quickly and deeply affirm loved-ones in daily conversations


Thank you so very much. Your presentation was awe-inspiring.
The entire team loved every moment of it. You brought a sense of spiritual calm to the session which allowed us all to absorb the words, direction, and most importantly, the lesson of healing from trauma.


Joan Hinds

City of Toronto Committee Member, Toronto, Canada

An amazing presentation. You set the stage and delivered an incredible presentation with such authenticity.

Keisha Coward

Caseworker, Scarborough Village Employment & Social Services, Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much!!! Unity Christian Church Grief Group really received what you presented last night. I have had so many to call or come by to say how much they really enjoyed you.

From Pastor to my sixteen-year-old granddaughter (who took notes and wanted to read them back to me), heard what was said and are willing to look at grief differently by understanding their own emotions and realizing that their journey may not be like the
next person’s. Love It!!!

Doris Boynton

Grief Support Facilitator, Unity Christian Church, Fayetteville, GA, USA

Thank you so much for your presentation last night, and for the thoughtful and caring way you answered questions. I found myself reflecting on your words as I interacted with members of our school community today, and I hope that they had as positive an effect on them as they did on me. 

I … hope that more people will benefit from your work and care. 

Regan Dore-Anderson

Principal, Our Lady of Peace Catholic Elementary School