Becoming A Confidence-Cultivating Parent A Free E-Book - Audio Version Included

Watching our children struggle with anxiety it is terrible.  It is important for every parent to understand anxiety and learn how to impact change in the mind, heart and body of their children. 

This 8 page e-book comes with an audio version and is the perfect resource for parents to begin understanding anxiety and effectively support each child to navigate intense emotions like anxiety.

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The Art Of A Genuine Apology Now Also Available As An Online Course

“The Art of a Genuine Apology” is all about three things: learning, healing, and growing. It highlights where unhelpful and hurtful interactions start and describes how to address hurtful situations with confidence.

Learn about what is missing from inadequate apologies, what is standing in the way of you offering a genuine apology, and most importantly, how to move forward differently.

The book features stories to illustrate how the art is practiced as well as questions and suggestions for you to reflect on as you go. “The Art of a Genuine Apology” is also now available as an online course, with a workbook and new material about forgiveness.  You can click here to order your copy or enjoy the PDF version when you enroll.

The Online Course

It's always been a dream of mine to have a library of resources  for people from all over the world to access.  Click the link below and join The Healing Communication Learning Centre for free!

You can enjoy several free resources and enroll in other courses that meet your needs.  I will continue to add helpful and healing content to the Learning Centre, so stay tuned.

Be sure to connect if you'd like to learn more about yearly or monthly subscriptions, so you have access to all of the content.  There are also special group rates so you can learn with those you love!

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Help Them Be Brave

Watching our children suffer with intense anxiety and sadness leaves us feeling powerless and desperate for change. I am sure you'll agree that none of us can change what we don't understand. This 6-Week step-by-step course shares a faith-based understanding of how thoughts and emotions work with the goal of doing things differently. When we experience change, they will too!

Sometimes our attempts to support our children turn into battles for control, leaving them feeling hurt and us disappointed.  In place of these painful exchanges, this course helps us to feel good about the positive impact and influence we have on them. 

This course will be right at the tip of your fingers, quite literally, as you can access it on your phone or any other device. It comes fully loaded with weekly audio lessons, short daily encouraging videos and your Confidence-Cultivating Parent (CCP) Workbook so you can keep track of your progress and note all of the significant things you learn along the way.

Increase your ability cultivate calm and confidence in your child by enrolling today.

Conquering The Big 5

If you're feeling anxious and afraid, to the point of discouragement, it will be important to recognize that it's not just the situation or circumstance that determines how we feel.  Chances are, you've felt this way before and have had these feelings for a long time.

Most people are surprised by how quickly their feelings change when they change the way they think about the situation.  The challenge is learning how to maintain the change!  This comes by understanding and addressing the 5 most common thought patterns that leave us feeling anxious and hopeless.

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